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we are infinite x


my dream house..ahhh

I will survive

I’m gonna make it through


f e a r does not work as long as there is h o p e.

For me one of those [really emotional] moments was the scene with the jabberjays when Katniss is trapped behind the barrier with Finnick and the jabberjays are going crazy. And for me as an actor I wasn’t expecting that to be an emotionally charged scene. When we filmed it, it was kinda weird. I felt helpless, and I was like “oh my god”, Jennifer is crying and screaming on the other side and there was nothing I could do.  - Josh Hutcherson


logan lerman, color palette (insp)

"I have a lot in common with Percy. Everyone has experienced self-doubt. I’ve felt that many times. I feel that on every film I make – initially I have to convince myself of my own worth, and then go out there and try my best. I always go in very insecure. But I feel that anxiety and stress is fuel for the fire to try to find what I need to discover."


Jennifer Lawrence from Psychologies Magazine June 2014 issue


Announcement: Henceforth my tumblr will be a Prince George Appreciation Blog.



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